Real Saffron. Two words to define the product of the Crocus Sativus, after a year of work, care and climate.
Organic Saffron is a spice that requires patience but it then gives back quality, authenticity locally sourced.

Real Saffron is offered only in threads, this to avoid any contamination and to see the spice in its real form and purity.


Real Organic Saffron has been placed in First category by the University of Udine, Faculty of Food, Agricultural, Environmental and Animal Science, following the standard ISO 3632 1,2 2010/2011. This to certify the purity and the quality of the organoleptic properties of Real Saffron.


Tabella delle categorie dello zafferano


Vero Zafferano technical sheet



A tailored dress


The King of Spices needs a royal dress. This is why we have created different product lines. Using together Saffron Gold or Silver we wanted to create something new and experiment in taste but also in elegant presentation. It is also possible to create a variety of blends by using different kinds of packaging: You can also ask for customization.


Saffron properties


Real Orgaic Saffron is aphrodisiac, antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerating. It is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, anti-inflammatory, strengthens the hair, antidepressant, boosts memory, rich in mineral salts, digestive and contains 1000 times the carrot carotenes.


Real Saffron is farmed following the moon phases, with use of natural manure and a lot of hard manual work, always hoping Mother Nature will assist with merciful weather.


During October and November we hope that all our efforts will be rewarded. As soon as the sun pops out, while the petals still jelously embrace the threads, we run in the fields to start the count. Quietly, like a mantra…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, … with our wicker basket that is quickly filled with liliac colors.


It’s a pity having to open these buds to take the three threds that stand proud still like soldiers. They have a color they only show during harvest. From the fresh red that fills the majority of the thread to the yellow of the tip: our eyes are filled with joy at this sight. The base that keeps the threads loses its color and substance once it gets longer so it is discarded together with pollen that might be present. This is how you get pure Saffron.


Laid down to relax, they are now ready to dry and get to 17% of their initial weight. The color darkens a little although it is still red like the fire. By controlling times and temperatures in this delicate phase, we make sure the organoleptic qualities of these babies are not altered.


Once completely dry, the thread are weighed and laid to sleep in a dark and dry place for at least two months. This rest allows for perfect ripening and, after this, the threads are ready to meet you!


Before going out they need to be dressed for the occasion. That is why we have chosen a variety of clothes for different occasions, from casual to elegant. We hope to impress you and we thank you for your attention while reading this story!

caratteristiche Vero Zafferano categoria I  categoria II  categoria III
Potere amaricante espresso in lettura diretta dell'assorbanza di picrocrocina 257nm sul secco 97 ≥70 ≥55 ≥40
Potere aromatico espresso in lettura diretta dell'assorbanza di safranale 330nm sul secco 39 min 20 max 50 min 20 max 50 min 20 max 50
Potere colorante espresso in lettura diretta dell'assorbanza di crocina 440nm sul secco 254 ≥200 ≥150 ≥100


Normativa ISO 3632 1,2 2010/2011

“I metodi di prova specificati nella ISO 3632-2 costituiscono linee guida essenziali e precise, che forniscono indicazioni ai laboratori alimentari su come sottoporre a prova il prodotto in ogni sua forma. La coerenza delle prove permetterà di distinguere lo zafferano puro e fornirà al consumatore finale la garanzia che lo zafferano acquistato - e utilizzato in cucina - sia autentico e sicuro da consumare”.

- Vattavayalil Joseph Kurian, capo del gruppo di esperti ISO che ha elaborato la norma -