Quality. Functionality. Personality.

To go back to natural and human rhythms.
To enjoy the little things.
To create something unique and delicious.
To feel new emotions.
For a good meal.
For genuine and simple things.
To support the environment and the land.
To improve the quality of life.
To amaze.

  • The services

    Personalization is our key word. Everyone deserves to be unique and needs to be able to choose quantity, blends and looks. This is where our limited editions come from. They can be unique or customized to customers’ needs.


    Italian from birth, I am proud to carry with me this brand that has always been known for the outstanding quality of the products in every niche market. Aurora Azzurra is “Made in Italy” and “handmade” from the seeding of the first plant.

  • Thank you

    Thank you to all of those who helped me and to those who believe in me and in this project from its start. Thank you in particular to my husband Daniele who always encouraged me, especially in the dark moments.

  • the project

    Every step of the project comes from definite and carefully crafted details. From the land that needs to be managed with a long term vision, to the packaging for the final product. Every idea needs drawings, design and realization, tecniques, elaborate combinations, images.

  • My work companions

    Without my instruments I could not live. They are helping me realize what I have in mind and more often than not, they lead my way in the realization of a product. Each one of them is as important and all of them make what is Aurora Azzurra.

  • The products

    The fruits of the land dressed with elements from the land. My intention is to create a blend of flavours, smells, sensations to feel and to taste, we aim to create a unique product that can be tasted and then can last as an artistic object.


    Yes, this is really my name. Combination of colors that truly reflect my personality. I was born with the passion for matter, always loved to craft something with my own hands and blend different materials together. Today I can finally work with my passions and transform them into something tangible.

  • The nature

    It is all round us and sometimes it goes un-noticed. We should live the nature with a more observant eye and take all the good feelings that it can give us. Nature is my companion in this adventure, something we need to take care of with the correct timing, respect it and feed it during each season.

  • The ideas

    They come from everywhere; it can be a dress, a blend of colors, the smoke from a chimney, make up that’s a little too strong, rocks on the road, a sign… but my main inspiration always comes from Nature.