Stories of nature and taste


Precious wedding favors and hand made limited edition gifts guard a saffron heart processed by hand.

It is an organic saffron and is from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.

These small jewels are born from the inspiration and creativity of Aurora Azzurra Gregorutti and intertwine the beauty of nature with the taste of exclusive Real Saffron.

The unique pleasure of the most intense joys in life.




Saffron, the red gold, is the king of spices and it deserves a royal treatment. It is carefully groomed throughout each phase, harvested and worked by hand. It can be packed on its own or together with gold or silver for food use.


In this glamorous world that follows fashion and style influences, my intention is to connect different visions through the use of products of the land, hand crafting and creativity. All this generating an explosion of positivity and ideas.


A new way to see packaging, to cherish a valuable and unique present. All our creations come from attentive research in the latest trends and quality of materials, they can be limited editions, unique creations or customised upon request.



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